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concrete aggregate mining

Environmental Impacts Of Mining Natural Aggregate

The most obvious environmental impact of aggregate mining is the conversion of land use, most likely from undeveloped or

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Environmental Impacts Of Mining Natural Aggregate - ResearchGate

2003.1.1  Researchers have been exploring environmentally friendly concrete materials as partial replacements to traditional PC or aggregate in concrete mixture

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Recycling of industrial and agricultural wastes as

2021.6.14  Aggregate mining can be divided into three sequential steps-site preparation, ... Shankar et al. [175] studied the cost-effectiveness of recycled concrete

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(PDF) Sustainable use of mine waste and tailings with

2018.6.1  PDF Utilization of mine waste rocks and tailings in concrete as aggregates will help in sustainable and greener

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Mineralization and utilization of CO - ScienceDirect

2022.10.1  This paper reviewed currently primary methodologies for the mineralization of CO 2 in construction and demolition wastes recycling for building materials: one is

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Potential of dolomite industrial waste as construction

2021.7.17  Diverting the dolomite quarry waste as natural aggregate (fine and coarse) in concrete helps the mining industry to manage their massive amount of waste rather

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Remediation of Acid Mine Drainages with Recycled Concrete

2017.3.30  Abstract. Acid mine drainage (AMD) generated during mining operations is characteristically acidic and contains metals at concentrations that are toxic to aquatic

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Remediation of acid mine drainage with recycled concrete

2022.12.5  Abstract. A study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) and off-specification fly ash (FA) in remediating acid mine

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Cleaner production of concrete by using industrial by

2021.10.1  Excessive river sand mining for use as fine aggregate in concrete is accountable for the deterioration of the river bed. Furthermore, floods due to changes in

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